Band member of the Month: Erin Murphy-Dunn

This month we feature guitarist/backing vocalist Erin Murphy-Dunn!:


Get to know Erin!

Name: Erin Murphy-Dunn 

Role in SJB: acoustic & electric guitar, backing vocals 

Brief background: I’ve been playing guitar since 12 y.o., and started…

Band Member of the Month: Bill 'Buck' Buckley

The month we feature lead guitarist Bill 'Buck' Buckley!:


Get to know Buck: 

1. Name? William F. Buckley, Jr. 

2. What's your role in the SJB? I came to the band taking over Lead Guitar…

Band Member of the Month: Rob Murphy

This month we feature bassist/singer Rob Murphy:


Rob brings a wealth of diversity to the band with the influence of multiple styles playing Metal, Rock, Alternative, Pop, Country, R&B Music in many successful Wedding, Corporate Event and…


Band Member of the Month: John Coviello

Welcome to the first installment of 'Band Member of the Month'!

This month we feature drummer John Coviello:

John has been playing drums since the age of 8.  Growing up, John involved himself in any musical situation he…

Stefanie Jasmine joins forces with Fireball Whisky!

We here in the Stefanie Jasmine camp are excited to announce a sponsorship agreement with Fireball Whisky, for a 3rd year!

A box of SWAG has been delivered, so get ready for giveaways & contests at shows and online…

Stefanie's Interview With Yuri Cataldo

Stefanie recently appeared on the podcast "Advance Your Art" for an intriguing interview with Yuri Cataldo. Yuri, an artist himself,  is passionate about helping other artists make money and grow as entrepreneurs in an ever changing industry. He directed the…