Band member of the Month: Erin Murphy-Dunn

This month we feature guitarist/backing vocalist Erin Murphy-Dunn!:


Get to know Erin!

Name: Erin Murphy-Dunn 

Role in SJB: acoustic & electric guitar, backing vocals 

Brief background: I’ve been playing guitar since 12 y.o., and started playing in bands when I was 20. I’ve had many roles in bands from lead guitarist to rhythm guitarist, lead singer, songwriter, and now as acoustic & electric guitarist/harmony vox for Stefanie Jasmine. I also have a Berklee educated background in Music Business and Music Production. 

Lesser known fact?: I am a closeted drummer. (Not so closeted if you follow me on Instagram!) 

Were you and Rob Murphy once married?: that’s been the rumor. I love Rob, but that rumor is false. 

Do you have any non-music related hobbies?: I’m an accidental flower gardener. I should say ‘forced’ gardener though. The gardens came with the purchase of a new home last year. 

Joan Jett or Susie Quatro?:  Who is Susie Quatro?? (this is me avoiding showing my age. Look her up on Google, kids) The correct answer here is Joan Jett anyway! 

Favorite food: I love authentic Mexican food. Luckily there are a few great ones local to me. 

Musical weapons of choice?: I don’t have too many, I have a Fender Telecaster Highway One, and a Yamaha AC3M acoustic that I use with SJB . I also own an Ibanez RG570 (my rawk tool), a Yamaha APX500iii acoustic, an Ovation Custom Legend acoustic, a Dean 6 string ‘Guitjo’ (or banjitar). For amps, I have a Vox AC30VR (for SJB), Marshall 2x12 8240 Valvestate, a Pearl Roadshow 4 pc kit, various Zildjian cymbals. For studio/recording, this list is too long and potentially boring for people, I shall spare you. 

Favorite SJB gig so far?: I have to say opening for Lee Brice the first time, when I met some really incredible people that I now consider friends.  A close 2nd is travelling to Nashville to gig with Stefanie but that wasn’t full band, so does that count?? I'm saying yes.

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